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Carrigaline’s New Parking System To Be Supported

Writes Ciaran Dineen

The successful new car-parking system in Carriglaine is to be supported and strengthened further with the introduction of Bye-Laws. The colour coded-system has so far proved popular with business owners and customers alike.

At the first meeting of the Carrigaline Municipal District meeting since the summer recess, Cork County Council have indicated that they are ‘happy to proceed’ with implementing parking bye-laws in Carrigaline, subject to agreeing detail on implementation arrangements.

The statement from the Council came in response to a motion from Councillor Seámus McGrath (FF), who is seeking that the new, and so far successful, parking regime in Carrigaline can be governed with formal bye-laws.

Pic: Carrigaline MD Chair, Aidan Lombard, pictured at the recent launch of the new parking system

The motion comes in light of the recent positive changes in the Carrigaline parking system, which saw significant and more progressive changes implemented through Project ACT. Parking limits have been imposed on Main Street, with restrictions of up to one hour free parking allocated, while other time limits have been sanctioned in different parts of the Owenabue carpark.

Speaking in County Hall on Monday afternoon Cllr McGrath said, “I think overall the parking system has been successful and is working well on the ground. We have the momentum built up with it from Project ACT and I don’t think we should allow a gap to emerge between putting it in place, as we have done, and formalising it.”

Parking bye-laws are very much the norm across the county, with different measures existing in places like Bandon and nearby Kinsale.

At the moment it would appear that the Council and public representatives have no intention to introduce paid parking, however there is an appetite to formalise the arrangements, giving more power to the newly appointed traffic warden. The process would take some time due to the need for public consultation and as a result would be likely to reach a completion in 2021.

In response to Cllr McGrath’s motion Council officer Noelle Desmond indicated that a survey was going to be circulated to collect some feedback on the recent changes. It was noted that all measures are currently temporary and that while there was no hesitation about moving forward with bye-laws, it was important and necessary to decide whether any changes to the system now in place would require adjustments.

Outstanding Carpark Arrangements To Be Completed

Some of the proposed changes to the Owenabue carpark as a result of Project Act remain outstanding according to Councillor Liam O’Connor (FG), who highlighted the need to push on with the agreed proposals. Measures that have not yet been completed include the installation of bollards along Main Street adjacent to the entrance of the carpark, which will create a ‘left-in, left-out’ system. It was also pointed out that a box junction inside the entrance was required as cars continue to park in spaces that are not allocated for parking.

Finally it was also noted by Cllr O’Connor that while many users were following the guidelines by ending long-term parking on Main Street, not enough people are aware of the overflow carpark at the back Owenabue Carpark, with many people opting to instead fill up shorter-stay spaces.

Council Officer Madeline Healy in response informed Cllr O’Connor that outstanding arrangements like those that he mentioned, would be addressed as soon as possible.

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