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Carrigaline SuperValu champion environmental change in their stores and community as sustainability

Upgrades result in energy equivalent of powering 53 houses for a year

Collins’ SuperValu has joined forces with SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland) to spearhead environmental change in the retail sector, demonstrating their commitment to energy reduction and sustainable business.

The Carrigaline store used the SEAI grant to install 430 solar panels, the results of which is the energy equivalent of powering over 53 Irish houses per year. These new energy efficient upgrades, combined with previous works in store amount to 224,752 KWH of energy per year, a 34% overall carbon reduction for the store.

David Collins, Owner of Collins’ SuperValu Carrigaline said: “This grant from the SEAI has allowed us to make positive changes to our store that benefit not only our business but also the environment. Our new solar panels have resulted in a significant drop in our electricity bills and our carbon emissions, which we hope will show other businesses the impact of making these changes. We look forward to putting further sustainability measures in place in future.”

Powering a brighter tomorrow! Pictured at SuperValu Carrigaline are David Collins, Owner and Shane McCarthy - Fresh Food Manager with a Grange Solar installer celebrating their contribution to SuperValu's Building Sustainable Communities Scheme.

Collins’ SuperValu is one of 25 stores nationwide, seven of which are across Cork city and county, who took part in the “Building Sustainable Communities” initiative this year, identifying and upgrading areas in their own operations which can be made to reduce energy costs, fossil fuel usage and greenhouse gas emissions. The combined energy savings from these stores is 3.7 million KWH, enough to power 880 Irish homes, 805,338 KWH alone comes from the Cork stores.

The SEAI partnership complements, Musgrave’s overall sustainability strategy and commitment to achieving a net zero carbon target by 2040.

In addition to this SuperValu are once again continuing their long-standing objective to bettering their surrounding local communities by nominating community buildings and clubs across the country to benefit from the scheme. SuperValu Carrigaline nominated Carrigaline GAA, who used the grant to upgrade their cavity insulation, windows and doors, the results of which will save the club €5,993 on their energy bill per year.

For the first time, this year’s initiative also sees a contribution made to not-for-profit affordable housing charity Clúid Housing, supporting 40 Dublin based Clúid houses to raise their BER (Building Energy Certificate) rating from D2 to B2.

Through this initiative, SuperValu demonstrate their commitment to continue developing a sustainable Irish retail sector by reducing store energy costs, fossil fuel usage and zero carbon emissions. As well as this, SuperValu also cement their commitment to local communities across Ireland by making sustainability improvements to both local community organisations and affordable homes.

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