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Chloe McCullagh Starts New Business – Kraftorama

Local lady Chloe McCullagh has started a new business, Kraftorama and we’re delighted to share her story in this week’s edition.

I started my new business last year during the pandemic. I make a variety of handmade wax melts, carpet fresheners, reed diffusers & room sprays.

Wax melts were something I have always loved and when the pandemic came I thought why not start it as a hobby now as we were spending all of our time at home. I started to give samples to friends and family and their feedback was great so I decided to make this into a business and this is when Kraftaroma was born.

Pic: Siobhán Russell

I am based in Currabinny, which is where I make all my products. It has been a busy year working full time, studying in UCC and starting a business but it has all been worth it. I attended the Marina Market at Christmas and this was a massive success for me as people loved my products and it gave me a great boost in confidence.

I have also purchased a horse-box which I am in the process of converting into my new shop on wheel's as this is something different which I think people will love. It’s all go, but I am so excited to see where this takes me.

You can find my page on Facebook & Instagram @Kraftaroma and in the coming days I will have my website up and running. I also offer a delivery service to Carrigaline and the surrounding areas.

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