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Choc Ice To Be Discontinued

Say it ain't so.

HB are to discontinue the beloved Choc Ice.

The Ice Cream makers are getting ready to remove the ice lolly from freezers across the country. According to HB, the Choc Ice isn't as popular as it once was.

A spokesperson for HB said they are "sorry to disappoint Choc Ice lovers with the discontinuation of this ice cream, but we have found that it is no longer as popular as it once was”.

Fans of Iceburgers, Brunchs and Loop the Loops will be happy to hear that these ice creams aren't going anywhere (we hope!). HB have brought back The Feast for the summer as a consolation.

Choc Ice's have already been listed as 'out of stock' by popular supermarkets Tesco and SuperValu.

The Irish people are not happy. A petition has been started to save the popular ice cream and organisers hope it will change HBs decision. The petition, which began on the 16th of June has nearly 2,000 signatures.

“We don’t accept this and are asking the people of Ireland to come together and make our voice known,” the petition says.

“We want to keep the ‘Choc Ice’ on the shelves (of the freezer). For all ice-cream lovers, sign this petition and save the ‘Choc Ice’.”

One person who signed the petition said "Choc ices are part of my childhood. What memories.", while another got straight to the point "I LOVE CHOC ICE".

Will the Irish public be able to save our beloved Choc Ice?

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