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Community Group Established To Help Reduce Anti-Social Behaviour

Writes Ciaran Dineen

A newly formed local community group will be hosting a BBQ this Saturday, 13th July in an attempt to tackle anti-social behaviour in Carrigaline.

Community Voice of Peace‘ came to be formed when parents of the African community in Carrigaline heard that there were reports concerning organised crime, gang fighting, and misbehaviour among their children. An urgent meeting was arranged by Pastor Ola Bello to hear different voices and opinions within the community, in order to understand  why so many young people are misbehaving in the area.

During the meeting, some of the parents suggested that the Africans in Carrigaline should come together and form a voluntary group to monitor the children and also create awareness of their presence in the community. They also aim to contribute positively to our community, using one voice to connect our children and to tackle anti-social behaviour.

In recent time there have been many reports of unsavoury incidents involving teenagers in the area, with many parents concerned about the well-being of their children. Calls have been made for more Garda resources to be allocated to Carrigaline but until then, groups like Community Voice of Peace aim to help tackle the problem themselves.

A BBQ will take place on Saturday 13th July in the Carrigaline Community Park with all welcome, especially the youth of Carrigaline.

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