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Competition To Be Held Over Naming Of Carrigaline’s Western Relief Road

Writes Ciaran Dineen

It looks like residents of Carrigaline will be able to have the opportunity to vote on a new name that will be attributed to the soon to be open, Western Relief Road.

The news comes following a motion from Councillor Jack White (FG) at the February meeting of the Carrigaline Municipal District (MD) meeting, held last week. Cllr White suggested that a competition could be run in local schools to determine the outcome, with the potential to link to elements of Carrigaline’s history. In his motion he expressed his own view that a name could be chosen “to recognise the links to Carriglaline’s past and also to reflect its looking to the future, giving, ‘Pottery Link Road’ as a suggested name.”

In a formal response issued to the Councillor ahead of the meeting of the MD, a comment from the Roads Directorate added that the “proposal to name a road for the first time (as distinct from renaming a road or changing a placename) can be considered by the MD members and if agreed by Members could then be implemented. There is nothing to preclude the running of a competition for suggested names for the road, as proposed in the Motion.”

Speaking in County Hall on the topic, Cllr White said, “I note the response from the Council that we as members can have discretion over the decision so I’d love to hear from other members on what they think about the idea”.

Cllr Ben Dalton O’Sullivan (Ind) was the first to support the motion from Cllr White, noting that the road was “going into a very historical part of Carrigaline” and giving the road a name that reflects this would be a great opportunity to celebrate the culture and traditions associated with the site.

Cllr Seámus McGrath (FF) also welcomed the proposal but did indicate his own preference that if a competition was to be held, it would involve the wider general public as opposed to just including the local schools. “I think we need to invite broader consultation on it as well”, Cllr McGrath said on the proposal. “I think if we are naming a key piece of infrastructure, why not invite suggestions from the general public, including the schools if that was agreeable to Cllr White.”

Cllr Michael Paul Murtagh (FG) added that going to the schools specifically would actually involve more than just the students as the competition and suggestions could also then go back to the parents at home. It was agreed that MD Executive Officer Carol Conway would liaise with Councillors to discuss the next steps in the process.

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