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Concern Over Irish Water Absence From Resurfacing Programme

Writes Ciaran Dineen

Councillors from the Carrigaline Municipal District (MD) have recently expressed their disappoint upon hearing that it looks likely that Irish Water will not address underlying water main issues before resurfacing work takes place on key Carrigaline roads.

At the latest Municipal District meeting in County Hall, Councillors were pleased to receive updates on the Council’s ‘Restoration Improvement Programme’ for 2020, which outlined roads in the local area that will be upgraded in the future. However, members expressed their frustration and disappointment that marked areas, specifically Church Hill and Upper Kilmoney Road, are set to be resurfaced before essential work can take place from Irish Water.

It is well known by Councillors and residents alike that there are serious issues with the water mains in these areas, with frequent breaks occurring. In a question querying what the situation was with Irish Water, Chair Seamus McGrath (FF) sought to receive an update on the progress of water issue resolution and whether such works would take place before resurfacing. In response, Madeline Healy of Cork County Council said that the Council were pressing ahead indicating that there were no signs that Irish Water would be carrying out the work due to current restrictions around Covid-19 and could not give any estimate on when they would eventually take place.

Cllr McGrath acknowledged and could accept the Council’s position but expressed his frustration given that resurfacing could end up being a “waste of money” if future issues arise down the line with water breaks. Speaking to The Carrigdhoun, McGrath went on to say, “Irish Water must step up to the plate and carry out this work before the resurfacing is done. The resurfacing is necessary work, it cannot wait any longer. If Irish Water do not act now they will incur the cost of surface reinstatement works whenever they do replace water mains and it is a ludicrous waste of money to not have availed of the opportunity to do the upgrading prior to the Council’s resurfacing”.

Sharing similar concerns was Councillor Liam O’Connor (FG), who said that although resurfacing was to take place after Irish Water had addressed water issues, that “as the road is currently in very poor condition it is necessary to proceed before these works can take place.” However, Cllr O’Connor noted that “it is imperative that Irish Water provides a program of works for Carrigaline so that all groups are aligned, thus reducing the risk of any unnecessary work”.

It is hoped by the Council that all work on roads in the programme can be carried out but there remains a degree of funding uncertainty as a result of the Covid-19 crisis.

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