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Conor McGregor Packs A Punch For Carrigaline Lady

Catherine O Leary's New Monitor Arrives Following Funding Boost from MMA Star Conor McGregor.

Article & Pic: Damian Coleman
Article & Pic: Damian Coleman

Catherine O'Leary (43), who lives with Locked In Syndrome, is being looked after by her parents, Pat and Margaret O'Leary at their house in Carrigaline. The family created a GoFundMe page at the beginning of the year to help fund for the new vital signs monitor for Catherine to replace the model she was currently using which had become obsolete and was beginning to damage her fingers. The family's target was quickly surpassed when MMA star Conor McGregor donated €5000. This meant that any extra funds could be used to calibrate Catherine's monitor every year and go directly towards her ongoing care. The new monitor for Catherine has arrived earlier this week to the delight of her family.

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