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Cork County Council Launches Summer Anti-Litter Campaign

Public asked “Be Proud, Be Sound” and to help keep County Cork clean.

An anti-litter campaign has been launched by Cork County Council in anticipation of an increase in daytrips and staycations across the county this summer. Designed to appeal to people’s pride of place, the campaign is encouraging everyone to dispose of their rubbish responsibly, leave no trace and help keep Cork County clean.

Cork County Council is conscious that while every effort is made to provide bins which are emptied regularly, an expected increase in outdoor activities could lead to more waste being left on beaches, roadsides and at beauty spots. The ‘Be proud, be sound and help keep County Cork clean’ campaign asks users to please bring their rubbish to the nearest bin or take it home if they cannot dispose of it responsibly.

The anti-litter campaign also signals the recommencement of Cork County Council’s Project ACT (Activating County Towns) 2021, a continuation of the programme of activities undertaken by the Council in 2020 designed to support businesses and communities facing challenges as a result of the pandemic. Further updates will be made in the months ahead of the Council’s plans to support residents, businesses and visitors alike in safely enjoying all that the county has to offer.

One of the key features of the campaign will be uniquely ‘Corkisms’ signage, designed to encourage responsible litter disposal in a fun and friendly manner and capitalise on the enormous sense of pride evident across Cork County. The Council is also asking local businesses and communities to join them in the fight against litter this Summer by assisting residents and visitors in keeping the county a litter-free zone.

Cork County Council provides almost 1,000 bins throughout the county, with the majority centred around amenity areas such as beaches and walkways. With further movement of people expected in rural and isolated areas, the Council is asking Corkonians to always think in advance of what they are going to do with their litter.

Cork County Council has been engaging with Elected Members, business and community leaders to collaborate on how best to manage this campaign, and support businesses looking to re-open safely at the appropriate time.

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