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Cork International Hotel to offer a special treat for people born on a Leap Year

Cork International Hotel is offering a very special celebration for people who only get to properly mark their birthday every four years.

Anyone whose birthday falls on February 29th can drop into the beautiful 4-star hotel on that day and enjoy a free two-course lunch, with tea or coffee.

This February 29th could mean many ‘leap year babies’ could have a day off work on their real birthdays for the first time in a long time too - since it’s the first time the big day has fallen on a Saturday since 1992.

All the more reason to mark the occasion, according to Cork International Hotel’s Deputy General Manager Eoghan Murphy: “All birthdays are special but those who celebrate their birthday once every 4 years deserve some extra special treatment and that’s what we want to do at the Cork International Hotel this leap year day”

The dedicated team at Cork International Hotel would be delighted to welcome leap year babies of all ages for their birthdays for a meal to remember in the luxurious surroundings of our New Yorker bar and restaurant. The hotel is in an ideal location right next to Cork Airport and only a ten minute drive from Cork city centre.

Full details are on the hotel’s website: and on social media channels.

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