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Cork Yoga Practice – Ruth O’Connor Galvin

Local yoga instructor, Ruth O’Connor Galvin (Cork Yoga Practice), currently teaches in Carrigaline, Douglas and Glanmire. Here, Ruth tells us about her experience in Yoga and details on where to catch a class.

I was first introduced to Yoga in 1996 at a Satyananda yoga class in Liberty Street, 3 floors above a noisy bar where I worked part time during University. The peace it gave me made the bar work tolerable! Since then Yoga has been a central part of my life and it has been a necessary part of my physical and mental health throughout my twenties and thirties even when I worked abroad. Whether it was Japan, Corsica or Australia, Yoga was the thing that kept me grounded and more able to navigate difficult periods of my life. Yoga helps me to plug myself into myself and treat myself kindly, it gives me clarity and a profound sense of ease.

I am trained in Hatha Yoga and Transformational Yoga and use elements of both in my classes with a view to helping people experience the more subtle aspects of a yoga practice and that it isn’t just about stretching. When the body, breath and mind come together then the magic happens!

One of my classes is specific to mums where I focus on some of the issues we all carry around with us, namely core weakness, or incorrect management of the core area. I find there is not enough awareness about the implications of a pregnancy on the abdominal wall and what we need to do if we have a separation of the muscles or diastastis recti. No amount of crunches in the gym is going to fix this and may actually exacerbate the problem. Yet no personal trainer I have come across knows what to do for this problem. Through the dynamic breath and certain yoga exercises we can re-educate the muscles to come back towards the midline before any contraction happens. By strengthening from the bottom up we can significantly improve the strength and mobility of this area thereby alleviating tension from the back and shoulders.

Implicit in this class is actually taking an hour out for oneself which is fully deserved and needed!

I am also trained in Reiki and Touch for Health Kinesiology and I offer Reiki sessions and Acupressure Facial Therapy from my treatment room in my home in Carrigaline. Reiki is a very relaxing therapy which takes us out of the ‘fight or flight’ loop we are constantly in and as a result eases anxiety and relaxes the nervous system. It is gentle and non invasive. Acupressure Facial Therapy works on the meridian system and can alleviate headaches, fatigue and lymphatic blockages and much more.

I currently teach in Carrigaline, Douglas and Glanmire.

Saturday 10am Yogazone Studio, Herons Wood, Carrigaline.

Monday 8pm Glanmire Community Centre.

Tues 7pm Douglas Yoga Centre, Maryborough Mall, Douglas.

Contact me 086-8948855 or email me

I will be running a workshop for Mums on the 12th August which will focus on the abdominal split and how to retrain the core area. Details of this are on the Cork Yoga Practice facebook page.

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