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Cork Youths Darts to set up new academy after national success

As Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson once said; “Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency, Consistent hard work leads to success, Greatness will come”. And at Cork Youths Darts, this is truly the case. There are no secrets to success, it’s the result of preparation, hard work, dedication and determination from the very top down, and whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to do what’s best for the kids, for them to reach their very best, enjoy themselves and better their game.

Cian Brown, Mike O’Mahony, Lewis O’Regan, Craig Bowen, Luke Collins & Ben Harrington celebrating their recent successes

We are so lucky to have a bunch of talented boys and girls that put in 110% at every event, both on and off the oche. They throw their hearts out on the oche, express emotions and have learned to respect their opponent, no matter the result.

Their behaviour off the oche is a credit to their parents and the way that the older lads look after the younger ones shows the responsibility and caring nature that they have. They have all become a unit, friends for life, and no doubt when they become senior players and play for their own local teams, that bond and respect will never diminish.

It is often possible to motivate a team with a rousing pep talk or some inspirational words. It pulls them together to persevere and there’s no better man for a pep talk than Steve Harrington. He really boosts their confidence in just a few words, and the lads listen to him and take what he says on board.  

Like a train, it takes a good engine to pull it and keep it going, and the engine which is pulling CYD to where it is today is Elaine Fitzgerald. Elaine is non-stop in contact with committee members, parents and other counties, setting up breakfast meetings, fundraisers and rankings to make sure that all necessary tasks are complete and have everything organised to make sure that all is in order for the kids at every event. And with the help of the other members, Liz Moloney, Richard Moloney, Steve Harrington, Mark Farrell and Chris Collins, CYD is growing and is in a very good place today.  

The work that is put in from each and all has reaped the rewards and the recent success is well deserved. In February, Cork Youth Darts won the 2020 Munster Championship cup & shield competitions in Clonmel, and last weekend CYD were crowned the 2020 Irish National Darts Organisation inter-counties all Ireland youth Champions. 

But CYD are not stopping there, as they are starting a youth academy all over Cork city and county which is the Junior Darts Corporation (JDC) which can give the kids an opportunity to play on the world stage and follow the footsteps of Cork's Ciarán Teehan, Meath's Keane Barry and Dublin's Katie Sheldon. Corks first JDC academy will take place at Delany's H&F club on April 4th at 12:30. All youths aged 7-17 of any ability are welcome to come along and enjoy the sport of darts.

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