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Covid-19: Limited Masks Available At Phelan’s Carrigaline

With the outbreak of Covid-19 causing concern globally, there has been a huge demand for face masks and hand sanitisers at Phelan’s Pharmacy Carrigaline and throughout their locations nationwide, according to owner Conor Phelan.

Customers can now purchase 4 masks per person, per day in Phelan’s Carrigaline while stocks last. There is now a sign on the pharmacy door advising of same, and asking customers to “Please be nice to staff”.

Conor explains that the Phelan’s group has been preparing for this eventuality since January. “We purchased a large bulk of face masks in January and have had a lot of discussions with staff on taking the right precautions when dealing with the public”, says Conor.

Don’t Panic – But Take Care

Conor has urged people not to panic, but “do take the necessary care of washing hands and, if feeling unwell and suspecting symptoms, to self-isolate and call their doctor”.

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