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Crosshaven Camogie Club Changes Colours

Crosshaven Camogie Club was founded in July 2011and since its inception, the girls traditionally wore a purple jersey accompanied by a white skort. However the club has decided to change their colours to black and red Writes Tara Maher.

A still relatively new and young club, they are optimistic they will field a U14 team for the next season. “The club has ambitions to field a minor team in the next few years” said Cara Murphy, PRO of Crosshaven Camogie Club.

Keeping girls in sport is a challenge for many clubs in various sports across the country. “We are passionate about Camogie, but even more passionate about keeping the girls involved and playing camogie for as long as we can” Cara added.

Sponsors Ray O’Donoghue, DonPack and Dave Neary, Area Carpets presenting the new jerseys to Crosshaven Camogie Club. Photo. Darragh Kane

Last Saturday, the new black and red jerseys were launched. It is hoped that by introducing the new colours it will remove some of the barriers inhibiting girls from playing camogie as they grow older. The new kit complete, with black skort, replacing the traditional white skort does just that. “The colouring and styling have been selected to make sure that all our players can play with both comfort and confidence across all our age groups.

“We are very excited about what’s down the road, and it’s all starting with our trailblazing u14’s next year, who we hope will be an inspiration to all the other girls in the club to keep going and stick with it. We are also grateful to our very generous sponsors, “Donpack” and “Area Carpets” for their sponsorship of the new jerseys” Cara concluded.

In addition, by the Camogie girls wearing black and red colours will align with the black and red of the boys of Crosshaven GAA, making our GAA colours in the village of Crosshaven the same for the first time.

Crosshaven Camogie Club is always happy to accept new players, at any age or skill level. “It’s about having fun, and enjoyment, there are many girls who might have played at a younger age and for whatever reason gave up and it would be great if they also felt they could return to play also.”

Crosshaven Camogie Club can be contacted through our Facebook page if new members have any queries about joining a team, please feel welcome to call up to our pitch in Camden, Crosshaven any Saturday morning between 10 and 11 am when all the age groups train to have a look or a chat with one of the coaches.

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