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Crosshaven Needs ‘Stop and Go’ System on Myrtleville-Fountainstown Road

Writes Ciaran Dineen

Concerned residents have called for action along the Myrtleville-Fountainstown backroad to be taken in order to deal with traffic pileups and potential accidents.

Councillor Audrey Buckley (FF) raised the issue at the latest meeting of the Carrigaline Municipal District Meeting (MD), requesting that a Stop and Go system be implemented during the summer months when the road usage is at its peak.

Pic: Siobhán Russell

In support was her colleague, Councillor Seámus McGrath (FF), who also indicated that he had received correspondence from residents in the area, suggesting that a set of stop and go lights may provide some sort of short-term solution during the busy months of the year.

Chair of the MD, Councillor Aidan Lombard (FG) also backed Cllr Buckley’s motion, acknowledging that he was not aware of a lasting solution to rid the problem of localised congestion but that it should be looked into by the engineers.

Cllr Buckley believed that a system in place near the entrance of Bunnyconellans to Poulgorm would be enough of a solution. However, she has since received a response from the Council saying that stop and go “would not be feasible due to the number of entrances affected by queuing traffic and the volume of traffic using the route both for residential and recreational purposes”. It remains to be seen whether alternative arrangements will be sourced.

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