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Crosshaven’s ‘One Green Village’ Wins Community Spirit Award

Cork International Hotel is looking for nominations for the Community Spirit Awards.

Jack White: Director, The Carrigdhoun Newspaper & Media Partners of the Community Spirit Awards in conjunction with the Cork International Hotel, alongside Eoghan Murphy: Deputy General Manager, Cork International Hotel, presenting Sue Walsh: One Green Village with the Community Spirit Award for March 2021. Photo: Siobhan Russell.

One Green Village has been chosen as the third Community Spirit Award winner for March.

One Green Village is an environmental initiative based in Crosshaven who do great work for environmental awareness and the implementation of 'green' projects in Crosshaven and its surrounding areas.

This year they took on the extraordinary task of planting 7450 tree saplings in the wider Crosshaven area in order to increase habitat and biodiversity around the village. The group engaged with local landowners and sourced sapling trees to be planted as part of this project.

The search was recently launched for unsung heroes in Cork. The new award was established to honour volunteers who are making a significant contribution to their community. “The Cork International Hotel Community Spirit Award” will see a group or individual chosen every month with an overall winner selected at the end of the year.

Some of the Crosshaven and surrounding area landowners who gave their land to plant up to 7450 tree saplings, Bee Fitzgerald, Jonathon Daunt & Clive Gash with Sue Walsh (One Green Village). Photo Siobhán Russell.

The awards are open to community groups and organisations in Cork from first-responders to community centres, victim support services to sports groups and those volunteering in the health and disability sectors.

Deputy General Manager of the Cork International Hotel, Eoghan Murphy said: “We are absolutely thrilled to see One Green Village win the third Community Spirit Award this year. They do such a wonderful job in highlighting the important issues of climate change and biodiversity loss. It’s great to be able to honour the work they do within our community. They give up their time and work selflessly to make a difference to the lives of others.”

Jack White from The Carrigdhoun Newspaper who are Media Partners for the Awards said: “These awards are a great way to pay tribute to the important community groups and volunteer organisations in our locality. So many people have pulled together this last year and gone above and beyond and we want to recognise that. It is very important for us to honour the amazing people in our community.”

The awards, which are sponsored by The Carrigdhoun Newspaper and Gerald McCarthy Giftware, will take place in a large geographical area in South Cork stretching from Rochestown, Douglas and Togher to Kinsale, Crosshaven and Passage West.

The judging panel comprises of a mixture of public and private sector representatives from the community.

The judging panel for this award was:

· Carmel Lonergan General Manager Cork International Hotel

· Nicola Radley Senior Executive Officer, Municipal District Operations & Rural Development at Cork County Council

· Aisling Killilea Bank of Ireland Manager Carrigaline and Douglas

· Vincent O'Donovan and Jack White The Carrigdhoun Newspaper

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