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Crosshaven’s Visiting Goats Happy To Be Home

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

The four visiting goats that helped the Templebreedy Save Our Steeple campaign to clear the overgrowth at the old Crosshaven graveyard over the past few months have happily returned home to Hungry Hill near Castletownbere.

After a summer of munching their way through long grass, weeds and more that was covering the old graves in Templebreedy, goats Harris, Oscar, Breedy and Keane are now settling back into life at Hungry Hill with their proud and loving owner, Norah De Barra.

Pic: Siobhan Russell

While the goats were satisfied with their Summer of work (and eating), all while enjoying the fine views over Cork Harbour, Norah says they “straight away recognised the other goats at home and are settling in perfectly”. “They’re happy out, healthy and roaming all over the mountain again”, she said.

Norah believes the goats will be just as happy if they return to work in Crossahaven again next Summer. She says, “if they return, they will feel at home to go grazing immediately without spending time scanning for predators to ensure the area is safe.”

Here’s to a safe winter at home for the goats and who knows, maybe we’ll be announcing their arrival to Crosshaven again in nine or ten months.

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