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Crosshaven To Leave Christmas Lights On

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

The village of Crosshaven is to leave its Christmas lights on until at least the end of January according the Crosshaven Development Committee and local FF Councillor, Audrey Buckley.

In a message posted on social media the Crosshaven Development Committee said, it will “leave the lights up until the end of January as with Covid19 regulations, we won't be able to meet to take them down until restrictions are lifted.

Donations would be most welcomed, as the monthly fee for the electricity in the square adds up. Thank you all for your support.”

The post followed earlier support from residents, (with Deirdre Condon suggesting it via the Crosshaven Notice Board on Facebook), to leave them on in an effort to brighten up what is due to be a dark month in more ways than one

Cllr. Audrey Buckley posted a GoFundMe page on her Facebook page in an effort to fundraise for the lights, it has so far (at time of going to print) raised almost €1300.

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