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Crosshaven Writer Sets Up New Literary Journal

Patrick Holloway from Crosshaven sets up a new Cork-based print Literary journal, along with three other writers.

The Four Faced Liar is a new literary journal edited by four lovers of tall stories. Patrick Holloway, Rose Morris, Stephen Brophy, and Lucy Holmes, are all Munster Literature Fellows, and are prize-winning authors in fiction and poetry.

The Four Faced Liar will publish:

· Short stories

· Flash fiction

· Poetry

· Creative nonfiction

· Literary translation

· Visual art

· Photography

· And any genre-busting offerings that float our boat and we believe will sail yours.

And because we know how much time, blood, sweat, tears, fears, hopes and dreams go into creating your work, we’ll pay generously, right from our first issue: €200 for short stories or creative nonfiction, €100 for flash, €100 for poetry, and €100 for visual art/photography.

All submissions will be read blind. No favours will be sought or granted - whoever you are, wherever you’re from, wherever you might be heading, however well- or ill-connected you might be, none of this will swing our decisions. All that matters is the flavour of your work.

Please read through our guidelines on, send us your perfectly-polished offerings during our first submission window – 15th May to 15th June - and if the four of us absolutely adore your work, we’ll print it.

Issue One, to be published in the autumn, will feature a mix of guest contributors and submitted pieces. Contributing writers confirmed so far include Danny Denton, Nidhi Zak/Aria Eipe and Mary O’Donnell, with cover art by Shane O’Driscoll. We can hardly wait for you to hold The Four Faced Liar in your hands and lap up the brilliant, barmy and beautiful words and images that will be nestled within.

We are funding issue 1 through fundit, under the project, The Four Faced Liar Issue 1.

So, if you’d like to help see this issue come to light, please donate.

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