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Demolition of Well-Known Carrigaline House Underway

Many residents in Carrigaline today would have noticed demolition work taking place to the derelict bungalow across from the Carrigaline Court Hotel.

A skip and JCB were on site this morning as the building was knocked, with a clean-up job further taking place. Last year there seemed to be some progress with new developments, when the trees surrounding the area were cut down, leading to many rumours about what may be taking its place. However, until today there had been no movement on the site.

The house and land had originally been owned by the well-known Jeffords family. According to relative and Carrigaline historian, Barry Cogan, Simon and Peg Jeffords had moved into the bungalow in the late 1940s after they were relocated from their old home, following the widening of the Cork Road around 70 years ago. The dwelling itself quickly became widely known as ‘The Bungalow’, given that there were very few like it around.

Both Simon and Peg had been very active in the community, particularly Simon who was heavily involved in the Church. The pair were likewise very sporty and according to Barry Cogan, Simon had played for Cork in hurling. The house has been unoccupied for over 20 years following their deaths, but the family name lives on, with many relatives still living in the area.

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