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Disgrace – Garda Station Opening Hours In Carrigaline

Disgrace – Garda Station Opening Hours In Carrigaline Writes Jack White

The lack of opening hours at the An Garda Síochána station in Carrigaline is leaving vulnerable people isolated, without basic services and in danger. The situation has been much criticised in recent months by residents and local representatives in Carrigaline and surrounding areas.

The station does not now appear to be open to the public at all, with a Garda Statement to The Carrigdhoun all but confirming this: “All phone calls to Carrigaline Garda station are routed to Togher Garda station, which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. People who want forms signed etc. should call to Togher Garda station. Patrol cars are directed to calls in Carrigaline from Togher. Signs are displayed at Carrigaline Garda Stations directing pedestrian callers to contact Togher Garda Station should they need assistance”.

The lack of Garda patrol presence in Carrigaline is also noticeable and a spate of recent reported car and home burglaries has left residents frightened.

Speaking on the issue, resident and Carrigaline based TD Michael McGrath said, “Unless something exceptional happens, the Garda Station in Carrigaline should really be open during the designated public hours. It is very frustrating for people to make plans to go to the Station, including taking time off work, only to find it is closed. I appreciate that Garda resources are stretched but given the size of Carrigaline, having definite, defined opening hours that can be relied upon is essential in my view. This is an issue I am raising with Garda management and also the need to increase Garda resources in a town that is now rapidly expanding again.”

In a continuation of the statement from An Garda Síochána, they said, “Local Garda Management closely monitors the allocation of Garda personnel in the context of crime trends, policing needs and other operational strategies in place on a District, Divisional and Regional level, to ensure optimum use is made of Garda resources, and the best possible Garda service is provided to the public. Senior Garda Management is satisfied that a policing service continues to be delivered in the Togher District and that current structures in place are optimised to meet the requirement to deliver an effective and efficient policing service to the community.”

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