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Dog Attacks Carrigaline Swans

Dog Attacks Carrigaline Swans Writes Jack White Located at the bridge by the Kerry (Old Quest/Biocon) site on the Crosshaven Road, the nest was built in the rushes just under the bridge and was proving to be of great interest to passers by in recent weeks. The pair of swans could be seen building and sitting on their nest and were protecting their three eggs. A Carrigdhoun reader messaged us on Monday morning with the following message; “Hi guys. At the bridge by the Kerry (Old Quest/Biocon site) site on the Crosshaven road, there is a pair of nesting swans. This morning, a work colleague of mine intervened when a large dog was attacking the swan in its nest. The swan is alive, but unwell. The eggs are now exposed. Can you raise the alarm to alert anyone who is experienced/qualified to deal with birds and eggs”. It was later discovered that the male swan had been killed. We posted the message on The Carrigdhoun Facebook page and there was a shocked reaction from readers several of whom raised the alarm with local vets, the ISPCA and the CSPCA, who came to the scene to assess the damage and check the condition of the eggs in the nest. It was after the content was posted on Facebook that some readers notified us that one of the swans had in fact been killed. Carrigaline Dog Attack The CSPCA later in the day reported that the eggs are now in an incubator with a local Irish Wildlife Group. The group went on to say on their facebook page, “these birds are fully protected by law, we are asking anyone who is walking their dogs near nesting birds to do it responsibly and keep them on a lead to prevent further harm like this”. The person who intervened when they saw the dog attacking said that there were no pedestrians around and the dog seemed to be unaccompanied. The dog was described as being “about the size of a border collie. It was a mongrel that appeared to have some German Shepherd in it”, but the person said they couldn’t be 100% sure. If anyone has any information on the dog or the incident, please email us on or contact us on 021-4373557 See updates on our facebook page,

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