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‘Fit & Trim’ Catherine Starts Cycling Group

‘Fit & Trim’ Catherine Starts Cycling Group

Nohoval based Catherine Good, a personal trainer and gym instructor trading under the name ‘Fit & Trim’, last year began an informal cycling group in the community of Nohoval and Tracton.

Like many people, Catherine found herself with more time in 2020 due to the pandemic and decided to seize the moment and begin cycling. Friends and neighbours eventually joined her and soon the group were enjoying cycling trips far and wide.

Below, Catherine explains how it all started “The bike was bought a few years ago with great intentions of putting it to use, but leisurely, sporadic spins due to being a busy mum of 4 kids was all that was achieved. 2020 turned into the cycling year I had been waiting for. The right time came and I grabbed it. So many miles were clocked up!!!

Roads being named and segments to be won added great spice and fun. Maybe even competition. Healthy competition is good for the soul. We drove each other on. Encouragement and kudos were flying around. Great banter was had.

Ring of Beara was a huge highlight. Virtual challenges like Mizen to Malin and Plant 2 Plant kept us going and saw the year out.

Cycling gives you a great sense of achievement and freedom. Turning Covid on its head and using the time it brought us, made us all so positive. I would never have achieved as much on the cycling scene without this speedy, chatty, happy, coffee-loving bunch of ladies. Keep it going girls looking forward to the year ahead. The sky is the limit!

You can follow Catherine on Instagram & Facebook: @Fit&Trim

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