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Flash Wash: Palestinian Man Ziad Launches Car Cleaning Business

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Palestinian Ziad Samaro is a young entrepreneur who is now living and growing his business in Cork. Flashwash is Ziad’s unique Car Cleaning Business which provides a full range of mobile services using high-pressure hot steam which is gentle on the car, eco-friendly, highly efficient as well as sanitizing without chemicals.

Using state-of-the-art technology, Flash Wash provides a vehicle clean like no other. Ziad launched the business in April and now, just a couple of months into business, he is working long hours to realise his dream of having a successful business.

The recent war-crimes against Palestinian’s from Israel’s ongoing, illegal occupation of Palestine has once again drawn the international spotlight on the suffering endured by Palestinians. It is from this harsh back-drop that Ziad came to Cork three and a half years ago, after initially arriving as an asylum seeker to Dublin.

For two years, Ziad worked two jobs and 16-hour days in both customer service and food-delivery, before now opening his own business. Ziad, who is now 31, learned his trade growing up in Palestine where his Dad had a garage and, as a kid, Ziad began washing cars.

Bringing not only his skills to the tale, Ziad realised that the pioneering technology of ‘deep steam’ cleaning would add a level of attention to detail to cleaning. Having waited almost two years to get his papers to allow him to legally stay in Ireland, Ziad is now loving the journey of developing a business, engaging with customers and learning more and more about Cork. Ziad now sends money home to his family in Palestine where his mother and four sisters still live. His father died some years ago.

Ziad says he has made great friends in Cork including Izz from Izz Cafe, who was also an asylum seeker at Kinsale Road Accommodation Centre.

Steam car cleans can be booked from Flash Wash on or on the App, Flashwash.

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