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Fountainstown Decline Public Lighting As Glenwood Gets Green Light

Writes Ciaran Dineen

Glenwood is set to receive additional public lighting after it was announced that residents in Fountainstown approached Cork County Council (CCC) saying that they did not want them for their area. Explaining the situation to Councillors at the recent Carrigaline LEA MD meeting was Madeline Healy of CCC.

She said that a program for public lighting was planned to be implemented in Fountainstown but that the Council was inundated with messages from local residents, saying that they did not want the lights to be installed. A sense of collective shock and surprise reverberated around the Council Chambers following this announcement, but Madeline Healy did have other suggestions.

She asked whether members would instead support the transfer of public lighting funds to be used instead in Glenwood estate. This was met with a lot of support by Councillors, Ben Dalton O’Sullivan (Ind), Liam O’Connor (FG)and Cathaoirleach, Seámus McGrath (FF).

All three mentioned that they had all canvassed the estate during the elections and that it was a noticeable issue. Councillor, Seámus McGrath, asked specifically about whether lights could be installed on the sloping path that leads to Weston View.

Over the years incidents of ant-social behaviour have occurred in that exact spot, while the lack of lighting also makes walkers quite cautious when using the path. In response Madeline Healy said that she would have a look at the site this week.

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