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Goodfish Support Hannah Hill Fundraiser

The Good Fish Company Carrigaline Store are supporting the Hannah Hill Fundraiser, with 10% of all sales in the Carrigaline Shop between Tuesday 20th October and Saturday 24th October 2020 going to the fund. There will also be collection buckets in store.

Local organisers of the fundraising say, “We are appealing to all business and companies in the surrounding area of Carrigaline to help Hannah Hill. Hannah’s mum, Ann Hill, is from Carrigaline and has been fundraising for Hannah for 2 years now. Hannah is a 20 year old girl who has a severe jaw condition and needs very serious surgery where the jaw joints are replaced with titanium prosthetics which are custom made in the USA.”

Hannah is bed bound and her and her family have been on lockdown for 2 years. She cannot eat and rarely leaves her bed. Her only way to get any nourishment is from enriched drinks but at times she has been in too much pain even to drink those. It is so frightening to see and made us realise that we cannot wait and leave her deteriorate any longer.

Organisers added, “People of Carrigaline have been so generous and now over €70,000 has been raised. However, Hannah needs another €50,000 so she can travel to the UK to get this surgery. We now see that our only hope is to approach companies who have more resources that the local community.

We would be so grateful to any company like Good Fish Carrigaline Shop who could donate any amount or use the ‘Hannah Hill Appeal’ as your annual fundraiser.

If any customer would like to donate anything in the collection box/bucket provided, we would also be so grateful.

All we want is to hear Hannah singing and laughing, eat a pizza, walk in the woods and do everything a 20-year-old should be able to do.” “Thank you so, so much to everyone who helps us get her there.”

Please donate on this gofundme page:

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