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Graball Bay Projects Welcome But Point Garden Must Be Re-instated

Writes Leo McMahon

Priority must be given to fully re-instating and enhancing the much-admired Point Garden, Crosshaven when major works on the Graball Road are completed, said Cllr Audrey Buckley (FF) at the monthly meeting of the county council’s Carrigaline Municipal District (MD).

She understood the excavations would go right through the middle of the garden to necessitate widening of the outlay pipes for water run-off.

In June, the council appointed contractor Priority Construction Ltd to install a new foul and storm sewer at Graball Bay including a watermains upgrade as part of a €1.35 million Graball Bay roads and services upgrade contract.

Point Garden, Crosshaven. Pic Leo: McMahon

Cllr Buckley welcomed the news and awaited the start date. Having met officials at the Point Garden, accepted it was needed for the Graball scheme and took photos of the much-admired shoreside amenity. She asked if funding could be sourced for its full reinstatement.

In reply, MD officer Carol Conway said unfortunately there currently was no money for this, but she would see if there could be some funding stream for its reinstatement.

Currently, dwellings within the Graball Bay catchment are served by individual septic tanks and soak ways which discharge directly to groundwater. The 370 metres of new gravity sewers being installed will serve the existing western Graball bay catchment and provide the opportunity for existing dwellings to connect to the sewer network and to decommission their on-site treatment systems. The contract represents the first phase of a larger plan to provide a complete sewerage collection network for the area where it is intended to convey these flows via a combination of gravity foul sewers and a pumped rising main, to the existing sewer network serving Crosshaven.

This contract includes the installation of a separate surface water collection pipe on Graball Bay road and upgrade to the existing chamber and outfall at the end of Point Lane.

The existing watermain serving the settlement consists of a combination of UPVC and cast-iron pipes that are subject to frequent bursts. In conjunction with Uisce Eireann, this watermain will be replaced as part of this contract. Upon completion of the service installation, the Graball Bay road will be re- graded and surfaced with tarmacadam.

Due to the narrow width of the local access road, there will be a requirement to close it to facilitate excavation and pipe installation. Detailed consideration was given as to how this emergency access could be always maintained and concluded that a temporary road would be required during the construction phase. It is proposed to construct a temporary access road early on across existing tillage lands to the south of Graball Bay road linking Graball Bay road to Church Bay Road. The temporary road will be removed upon completion of the project.

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