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Growpad – New Architectural Company With Carrigaline Connections

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Growpad is the newest name in architectural home design in Ireland, providing design, build and finance for dream home extensions.

Growpad offers everyday homeowners everything they need to grow their home, managing the entire process from start to finish. The company also offer general architectural services, so whether you just need help for the design stage, or for every step along the way, Growpad is there to help you grow your home in an affordable way.

Growpad was founded by master architect Catarina Tinoco, who is based in the Cube Building, Monahan Road, Cork. Catarina and her husband Marcus are now living in Carrigaline.

“I remember very clearly the moment I decided to become an architect,” Catarina said.

“I was on a family trip to Barcelona, where I experienced the work of Antoni Gaudi's work at the famous Sagrada Familia church.

Pic: Siobhan Russell

“It was the first time I became aware of architecture - the fantasy on his design blew me away.

“Years later, I graduated with a masters degree from the Lusíada University in Porto, which is associated with two famous award-winning architects, Álvaro Siza Vieira and Souto Moura - and to this day my style is influenced by both of them.

“My style is free flowing, both contemporary and retro, adapting to the surroundings of each project to reflect its character and give it a sense of belonging, making it unique each time.

“While completing an architecture internship I also did an MBA in management.

“After a number of years practicing in Portugal I made the transition to Ireland in 2017 and I have relished the challenges that the different climate and approach to life have brought me.”

Why work with Growpad?

Growpad believes that great architecture can be for everyone, and that it can be greatly simplified.

Lots of people want to build an extension but they don’t know much about it. They don’t know how much it costs and they assume it is out of reach for them unless they spend many years saving.

“At Growpad we can make their space - and how they envisage it - accessible to everyone,” Catarina said.

“We work with each client to create a bespoke design to match their budget - and we even help them finance the cost of the extension.”


An extension can be a significant investment in the value of your home, so rather than saving up for years to pay for it, why not add it to your own mortgage?

Growpad work with an independent mortgage broker to make it easier for homeowners to finance their new extensions.

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