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Harry Huang Traditional Chinese Massage Opens In Carrigaline

Carrigaline has welcomed a new business to Main Street in recent months as Traditional Chinese Massage therapist Harry Huang opened his door to the public. Though opening in February, Harry soon had to close temporarily due to the Covid -19 Pandemic, but bow he is ready to welcome clients yet again as he re-opened on June 29th.

At what is proving to be a challenging time for local businesses, Harry’s arrival to Main Street is a welcome one. He is located in the Rear unit of Russell House, adjacent to the office of Michael McGrath TD and behind Alterations by Alicia (actually in the former Alterations by Alicia shop).

Harry was born and raised in northern China, where he studied in the early 90’s for over 4 years to become a Traditional Chinese Massage therapist. He also studied other forms of Chinese medicine during that time and so has a rounded understanding and experience of treating all types of conditions.

While this is Harry’s first business of his own, he has built up years of experience in Ireland since moving here in 2001.

In Cork alone, Harry spent 10 years working at a Japanese Medicine clinic in Marlboro Street, several more years at a Chinese Medicine Clinic in Victoria Cross and even spent a year working at Douglas Pyhsiotherapy which he says he wanted to do “to get a better understanding of the differences between Physiotherapy and Chinese Medicine”.

Seeing Carrigaline as a big area and a good opportunity to start a business, Harry decided to take the plunge and invest in elegantly kitting out his new premises.

Harry’s treatments include Migraine & Headache Treatment, Meridian Massage, Shoulder Pain Treatment, Sports Injury Massage, Lower Back Treatment, Cupping, Relaxing Deep Tissue Massage and Accupuncture.

Explaining his treatments and some of the philosophy of Traditional Chinese Massage, Harry says, “Massage is through the meridians, channels and collaterals or nervous system conduction. Directly or indirectly it can stimulate the muscles, bones, joints, ligaments, nerves, blood vessels, local or systemic reactions. This change leads to the normal physiology function of the body, can increase the body’s immunity, and achieve the purpose of a disease-free life.”

Harry says, “Massage can improve human immunity, increase the number of white blood cells, and can increase the ability of phagocytosis of white blood cells! Massage can clear harmful substances in the blood and can reduce fat in the blood”.

"Russell House" Main Street Carrigaline, Ireland

Phone: 083 077 4234

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