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Housing Application Lodged at Old Boatyard Site Carrigaline

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Glenveagh Homes Ltd have submitted an application to Cork County Council for residential development on the site of the Old Boatyard on Church Road Carrigaline.

The Application involves the demolition of the two remaining warehouses on the site and the construction of "39 no. dwelling units comprising: 35 no. 2 storey terraced townhouses in a mix of 2 and 3 beds and a 3 storey apartment/duplex block containing a mix of 1 and 2 bed apartments."

The proposal also includes provision for the upgrading of existing roads and modifications to the junction at Church Road. Given the site's proximity to Special Areas of Conservation and Special Protection Areas, a Natura Impact Statement was also provided with the application, along with an Environmental Impact Assessment Report.

The residential plan is sure to raise some eyebrows due to the enormous amount of housing that has been and continues to be built in Carrigaline, which is now the largest town in the County of Cork and one of the fastest-growing in the country.

Undoubtedly the site is within a reasonable walking distance to Carrigaline, approximately 15 minutes, and does have access to public transport via the 225 route. It also delivers a density plan with apartments at the heart of design, presenting a more sustainable use of land. In line with Part V of the Planning and Development Act (as amended), the developer proposes the transfer of 3 units, to facilitate the delivery of social and affordable housing.

The application was lodged in September and a number of submissions were made within the 4-week time limit. Included in this were observations from the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media, and from the Estuary Residents Association (ERA).

Both submissions indicate a number of concerns on the potential impacts that development could have on local nature in the area. The applicant indicated in the planning proposal that a future 'pedestrian link' for an amenity route could be developed, but no detailed designs were submitted to show this. As a result it is unclear as to whether this would impact fauna in the area. The Estuary Residents Association believes that "construction of same would be a particular issue of disturbance to birds and otters using the SPA foreshore."

The ERA also contest the manner of planning itself, making the argument that "the proposed development does not comply with the objectives of the Cork County or Local Area Development Plans". They develop on this by stating that "in reality the there is poor walking and cycling connectivity between Carrigaline Town and the proposed development...poor proposed housing mix which does not include detached houses or serviced sites."

Earlier in their submission, the ERA indicates their preference from a previous application for "4 & 5 bedroomed individually designed houses" which are more sensitive to the natural environs that surround it. However, one wonders whether such a development would be the promotion of more detached dwellings, when clearly the need to build up instead of out is becoming more and more evident.

On October 30th Cork County Council requested further information from the developer on 14 different accounts, which includes matters relating to Management Plans, public lighting and climate change. The applicant now has 6 months, from the date of issue, to respond to these requests.

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