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JuJoo’s Gourmet Toasties Opens In Crosshaven

Crosshaven’s newest enterprise, the fantastic JuJoo’s Gourmet Toasties has opened for business at the carpark on the Crosshaven end of the Crosshaven-Carrigaline Walkway.

Owned and operated by passionate foodie Judy Golden, JuJoo’s is serving the finest in Gourmet Toasties, slow cooked meats, tea, coffee and treats.

With both brekkie and toasties available all day, JuJoo’s is open from 10:30am to 6pm on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Though always having a deep love for cooking, baking and learning about food, Judy didn’t initially embark on a career in the industry, the 32 year old explains, “I wanted to do Culinary Arts in college after my Leaving Cert, but I ended up doing a BIS undergrad and a joint masters in European business in Cork, Paris and Utecht.

Judy Golden & Dermot McNamara: JuJoo’s Gourmet Toasties, 4th August 2019. Photo Siobhan Russell

At the end of first year I travelled to Canada where I began working in a restaurant where the owner made me Pizza Chef, before going on to learn many more aspects including preparation and cooking of sauces, fish and meats, deserts and so much more, I really saw and learned every aspect of a busy kitchen and I loved it”, says Judy.

Judy did, however, go on to complete a Masters Degree before beginning a career in IT Consulting and IT Sales, both in Australia and Ireland.

“Though the pay and conditions working in Australia were fantastic”, she explains, “my heart was just never really in IT”. So after working in a sales role in Ireland up until December of last year, Judy decided to make a break for a fresh start in March. Judy explains that while doing an early year clear out of her room, she found a menu she had written three years ago and frustrated at the fact that she hadn’t yet actioned any of her dreams, decided it was ‘now or never’ and so began investigating how to set up her new food business.

After months of research, investment, heartbreak and now, finally, progress, Judy opened for her first weekend of business the weekend before last.

“I purchased the food truck in the UK”, says Judy, “I’d never driven with a tow before, so that was scary and once we got back, it soon became apparent that loads of work and modifications needed to be done to bring it up to HSE standards”.

So now, with all of that work complete it’s time for Judy to share her fantastic food and ideas with everyone in Crosshaven and beyond.

Judy Golden & Dermot McNamara: JuJoo’s Gourmet Toasties, 4th August 2019. Photo Siobhan Russell

Judy’s ‘Signature Dishes’ include her gourmet toasties which she proudly says “always have only the best of Christmas Ham, prepared with the works, cloves and honey glazed”. “Christmas ham (even not at Christmas), makes sure our toasties are full of sustenance”, she says.

It’s not only the best of slow cooked meats on offer though, Judy also packs a nutritional punch with her fresh vegetarian and vegan offerings.

Judy has a special word of thanks to all of her friends and family for their support, “Thank You to all my family and friends for their support so far, especially my boyfriend Dermot who has taken to help me at the weekends giving him no days off.”

So make sure to pop in to see Judy and try something from the brilliant new menu this weekend.

If you like what you see, Judy also takes bookings for private catering.

Also, you can check out her insta page: JuJoos_

Opening Hours: Friday, Saturday, Sunday 10:30am – 6pm

Phone: 083-8388224

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