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Kinsale Hospital To Undergo Significant Refurbishment

Kinsale hospital is to undergo a significant refurbishment in March. According to a spokesperson for the HSE, 'The refurbishment will provide our residents at Kinsale Community Hospital with a state of the art residential care facility, comprising double and single ensuite rooms and comfortable, well-appointed sitting, dining and activity areas for the residents.

There will be access from several rooms to the beautiful walled garden surrounding the building. We look forward to continuing to provide care and support for those who require our services into the future.' The statement went on to say,

'The facility will have a total of 40 beds. It will include long-stay residential, respite, palliative and convalescing services.'

The welcome development will ensure that the hospital will provide long-term care for many older people from the South County. While the ongoing pandemic has resulted in the temporary closure of the day-care centre, palliative care and respite facilities, it's hoped full service will resume once circumstances allow.

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