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Labour Candidate calls for Footpath Audit

John O’Regan


John O’Regan, Labour candidate in the upcoming local elections, this week called on Cork County Council to do an immediate audit of the county’s footpaths with a view to repairing the most damaged as soon as possible.

Mr O’Regan said: “there are some very dodgy footpaths across the county and it could very well lead to someone having a bad fall.” He continued: “The footpath next to the hotel in Carrigaline is particularly bad, made more dangerous by the fact that the damage is so close to the extremely busy Ballea Road.”

This call for a county audit follows a similar call from other Labour colleagues in the city. Peter Horgan highlighted this very issue recently, demanding that footpaths were made “safe, usable and accessible.”  Mr Horgan joined another Labour colleague John Maher, councillor in the Cork City North-East ward, in calling for a full audit of footpaths in the city and its suburbs to assess where the major damage is. “We first need to get a list of what repairs are needed,” Mr Horgan said. “Tell us exactly how much it is to bring Cork city up to code.

John O'Regan is calling for an audit on footpaths in Carrigaline

Mr Maher, who recently put forward a motion to Cork City Council asking for an audit of all footpaths, said: “This is another area where central government is starving local government of funding to carry out essential works.”

“This is very much a county wide problem,” Mr O’Regan said. “Obviously the footpaths in the middle of our towns and villages are most important, but there are also crumbling footpaths in estates across the area. This audit would allow us to get a better idea of what needs to be done and then the Council could work to allocate the necessary resources.” 

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