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Line Marking Required Near Myrtleville Beach

Line Marking Required Near Myrtleville Beach Writes Leo McMahon

Line marking is needed near the beach at Myrtleville, said Cllr Aidan Lombard (FG) at the monthly meeting of Cork County Council’s Kinsale-Bandon Municipal District. He welcomed improvements at the popular seaside resort last when Myrtleville got funding from the Department of Agriculture for a new paved area with seating, litter bins and two showers plus space for four to five cars at the entrance. Unfortunately, the parking wasn’t working and there was need for markings to stop any fast food van with generator or other large vehicles parking across up to three spaces effectively blocking the beach and possibly preventing access for an emergency vehicle. If this and the areas further up the road were lined it would regulate the parking and improve the situation. He asked the engineer to examine the scene and report back.

Graball Bay Cllr. Lombard said progress needed to be made on drainage, sewage and road problems at Graball Bay and Church Bay, Crosshaven and called for an update at the next meeting because these were supposed to be a priority. In a submission for the County Development Plan he proposed that it provide for correcting the huge environmental issue there. ‘The critical failure of any planning of development in the bay has resulted in a Third World water, sewerage and road network. Storm water routes to the sea and the village must be detailed within the plan, and are critical for any resolution to this generational environmental problem He also called for a storm water route from Church Bay to the sea because it was causing flooding and road surface damage. It was agreed to refer the matter to the divisional manager.

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