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Litter Along Proposed Greenway Path Near Raffeen ‘An Eyesore’

Writes Leo McMahon

There was full support for a motion from Cllr Marcia D’Alton (Ind) at the monthly meeting of Carrigaline Municipal District (MD) calling on the County Council to remove ‘as a matter or urgency’, litter exposed by site clearance work on the proposed Greenway extension near Raffeen.

‘The lack of attention to this legacy of unsustainability is a sad irony for a transportation route advanced under the climate change banner’, she stated.

In a report, acting senior executive engineer Alan Cogan said site clearance works were carried out on this route to undertake surveys and site investigation to progress the existing ‘Part 8’ planning permission. Any further works would be carried out as part of the actual construction phase.

She said she felt strongly on this matter concerning phase one (Glenbrook to Raffeen) of the proposed Carrigaline to Ringaskiddy and Glenbrook Pedestrian and Cycleway.

Litter that emerged from the site clearence for the proposed Greenway extension near Raffeen, Monkstown.

Miss D’Alton stated site clearance work carried out last summer had exposed ‘decades of litter’ and was ‘incredibly ugly’. This had been remarked upon by residents who had to pass it every day and would soon be seen by tourists arriving in and out of Ringaskiddy ferry port.

‘Not to have a mind to what we are exposing can’t be what our projects are all about. We need to have a mind to those who live there and how we present our area and to say we’re not going back there is not okay,’ argued Cllr D’Alton. She didn’t expect removal of the litter to be the job of the area office but rather that of the Traffic and Transportation section in the council who were in charge of the contract.

The engineer, in reply, said he echoed her sentiments but confirmed that it wasn’t the area office’s remit to deal with this nor did it have a dedicated budget for it. The area office however, could ask Traffic and Transportation to expedite removal of litter prior to construction of the new section of greenway.

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