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Local Campaign To Reduce Speed On Raffeen Hill ‘Rat-Run’

A campaign is underway to get the 80km/h speed limit on Raffeen Hill reduced to 50km/h in line with other residential roads in the vicinity.

Cork County Council is currently reviewing speed limits on county roads and invites the public to submit suggestions for review by the Council, to adjust speed limits. The deadline for submissions is July 19th. This review only happens every 5 years, so the time to act is now Raffeen Hill is a 2km stretch of road with a speed limit of 80 km/h. It lies between Monkstown Road and Maryborough Hill - both designated as 60km/h.

“Effectively it means, people access the road at a safer 60 km/h and then speed up to 80 km/h on Raffeen Hill, despite this road being narrower, with more bends and many more houses - it’s a rat-run and is only set to get worse” says Dominic Baxter, of Raffeen Hill, the latest in a long line of residents who have attempted to get the speed limit reduced over many years.

80kmph is not a safe speed for residents trying to access the road from their homes, or for pedestrians, cyclists and horse-riders using it. The road isn’t wide enough for a footpath, so the only way to increase our safety is to reduce the speed of vehicles using it.

“We urge everyone concerned to write or email Cork County Council and have their say.” says Dominic, “A letter template, can be found at”

POST: Staff Officer, Roads Management & Development Unit, Cork County Council, Annabella, Mallow, Co. Cork

The deadline for submissions is July 19th, so action is needed now. Full notice can be found at;

If any other neighbourhoods wish to adjust the speed limit on their roads, they are welcome to use the letter template and poster artwork and modify it as necessary. It can be found at

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