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Local Lifeguards Take Up Duty For Summer

Cork County Council Beach Lifeguard Team take up duty for 2020 Bathing Season

As the bathing season arrives Cork County Council’s Beach Lifeguard Team are once again preparing to oversee the safety of the public in the water off the County Cork Coast. The beach lifeguards motto this year is ‘Safe on the Sand and in the Sea’ and lifeguards are promoting a Swim and Go policy this summer to avoid large gatherings of people on Cork’s beaches.

The Council’s beach lifeguard service is back on our beaches to monitor the safety of swimmers and the Lifeguards will raise their red and yellow flags to indicate when they are on duty. Hours of duty are 10.30am to 7pm daily and they will be on hand for weekends during the month of June, full time for July and August and the first two weekends of September with the last day of duty being September the 13th 2020.

In all, Cork County Council’s Beach Lifeguard Service has 39 full-time beach lifeguards with a backup team ready to support if required. Locally, Beachguard teams will be located in Fountainstown, and Garrylucas Garretstown,

Cork County Council wishes to remind everyone of the importance of learning the Flag System at the beach, especially children.

  • A red over yellow flag means the lifeguards are on duty.

  • Swim between the red and yellow flags parallel to the shore as this is the area that the lifeguards are patrolling.

  • A red flag indicates that swimming is not advised.

  • Black & white chequered flags mark the area for surfing only.

Cork County Council Chief Executive Tim Lucey went on to say, “As with every other Summer Season, our beach lifeguard service has resumed. While we promote water safety rigorously every year, this year we are also asking members of the public to adhere to government guidelines relating to travel restrictions, hygiene etiquette and social distancing. Let’s all stay as safe as possible by following the HSE Guidelines and respecting the water.”

For further Water Safety information see For daily updates on conditions & flags flying at each beach visit ‘Cork Beach Lifeguards’ on Facebook.

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