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Major Deal For Nohoval Drinks Company

Major Deal For Nohoval Drinks Company Writes Jack White Known as Stonewell in Ireland, the contract will see the total volume of Finnbarra ordered in the first three years, match the total 2015 output of the cider. The Nohoval based company is owned by husband and wife, Daniel and Géraldine Emerson and was set up in 2010. Géraldine is from a French wine-making family in the Orleanais region. The contract is the company’s largest to date but as yet no financial details have been published. House of Beer already distributes Guinness West Indies Porter, Dublin Porter and Smithwicks in France. Finnbarra is set to be sold in both on and off-trade outlets throughout France with initial demand expected to come from Irish-themed bars in France and the holiday market. Marketing director for House of Beer, Arthur Lenormand said, “There is a latent demand amongst French consumers for a new taste experience which will change their patterns of consumption. As a result we are delighted to be able to introduce Finnbarra to them.” To keep up to date with Stonewell Cider check out their website,

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