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Mary Carmody Nutrition Fundraiser For Homeless Drive

Writes Mary Carmody

I decided to give a little back to the less well-off and the Homeless Drive was the charity I chose as I knew Finbarr & Sheila well from all the invaluable work they provided over the past few years.

I also had a great year myself as people really started to prioritise their health and how important it was to keep our immune systems boosted and eat well during a pandemic to stay vibrant and well in body and mind so I thought it would be nice to give back to this charity as the charities were all suffering in 2020 due to COVID.

I donated a York Intolerance test as a prize and local Cork artist George Frost kindly donated a beautiful painting for the fundraiser. My web-designer Sharon Hehir Collins( was a great help too as she kindly promoted the fundraiser through facebook, my newsletter, Instagram and did up a promo add all free of charge to support the fundraiser.

Many clients, friends and family donated and money is still coming in so I have handed over a total of €1,788 so far to the lovely Muriel Farrell Sheehan and am so thrilled at the generosity and support that people have provided for this so worthwhile and fab charity.

Looking forward to doing the next one already !

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