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Measures Needed To Tackle Speeding At Coolmore Cross

Writes Leo McMahon

‘One resident had a near miss’, said Cllr Marcia D’Alton (Ind) at the recent meeting of the county council’s Carrigaline Municipal District (MD) when again urging measures to curb speeding at Coolmore Cross.

Residents, especially those living at the cottages, had very limited sight distance as did drivers coming from the Novartis side. Along with Cllr Seamus McGrath (FF), she had highlighted the problem repeatedly in motions requesting some sort of traffic calming because it was desperately needed and especially before planned resurfacing.

Cllr McGrath concurred, saying there was a cluster of houses in the area. He wondered if there was a Low Cost Safety Scheme that could be availed of, having regard to the huge volume of traffic in what is a 50kph zone.

Senior executive engineer Madeleine Healy said her office was well aware of this. Ramps were not suitable at what was a regional road in a rural location with an incredible volume of traffic including that to and from industries in Ringaskiddy.

Coolmore Cross Picture: Leo McMahon

She accepted the frustration of residents and councillors. Driver speed feedback signs were installed but having exhausted all local measures, it was time to hand the matter over to the council’s Roads Design Office. However, she cautioned that due to the phenomenal workload on the office which had a small staff, she didn’t expect anything to happen fast.

Cllr D’Alton repeated her call for a Low Cost Safety Scheme to be considered for Shanbally from the direction of Coolmore where there is a bend and no footpath and Cllr McGrath again requested a pedestrian crossing on the N28 there.

The engineer said short term measures such as ramps approaching the school had been installed but to do more further out could involve land acquisition and would be longer term.

Hayes’s Boreen

‘There is a pole but the bus doesn’t stop there’, said Cllr D’Alton when calling on the National Transport Authority (NTA) to reinstate Hayes’s Boreen bus stop between Monkstown and Raffeen into the regular Bus Eireann timetable.

‘There is a bus pole going out and going in and I wrote to the NTA requesting a bus stop because there is no need to wait until 2025 when the Bus Connects Cork plan comes in and residents are seeking this. I personally can’t see any reason why a bus doesn’t stop there and why it isn’t on the official timetable now.’ Cllr McGrath seconded and it was agreed to write to the NTA.

The MD adopted a motion from Cllr D’Alton that ESB Networks be written to conveying local concerns about the negative impact of unannounced electricity outages on businesses in Passage West and Monkstown and request their proposals to minimise these.

‘One new business in Monkstown recently had to close and send staff home having prepared food because of an outage’, she stated. Cllr McGrath seconded.

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