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Meet the Candidate: John O’Regan, Labour

John was born and raised just outside Carrigaline and now lives in Fountainstown with his wife and three children. He is a secondary school teacher in Bandon Grammar School in West Cork. He was always involved in his local community but it is really as his children grew up that he became much more hands on. Having children opened his eyes to both the many wonderful things on offer for people in the Carrigaline LEA, but also some of the many challenges and things he would like to see improved.

Journey to politics

John only officially joined the Labour Party in the last year but would always have described himself as centre left or socially democratic in his political leanings. He believes the state can and needs to do more for our communities in terms of leisure and recreation facilities, improved access to GPs, better bus service, less traffic congestion and the creation of a community where people feel safe and their kids can thrive. As his involvement in local issues has grown he has also come to understand just how important the role of the local councillor is and how much they can achieve.

On Housing:

The housing crisis is one of John’s main concerns. If elected, John would aim to improve housing availability for everyone, across all sectors: to buy, build and rent. Derelict buildings and vacant sites are a particular source of frustration for John, and something he would work tirelessly to address across the Carrigaline LEA.

On Public Transport:

Living in Fountainstown, John has witnessed resident’s  frustrations with an untrustworthy public transport service. He would hope to push for improvements in reliability in our bus service and the provision of late buses. He is particularly keen to see a two way service between Crosshaven and Fountainstown. At present, you can travel direct from Fountainstown to Crosshaven but in order to return, it must be done via Carrigaline.

On Beaches: 

 Carrigaline Electoral Area is fortunate to have a range of beaches easily accessible. He acknowledged that the local government needs to improve amenities at our beaches and other public spaces, particularly in terms of toilets and bins. Life

On Climate Change:

Main Street Carrigaline is prone to heavy flooding, and John belives that “climate change is a reality we all have to contend with and flooding is the biggest challenge facing us across the Carrigaline LEA”.

Improving our flood defences is a key area John will pursue if elected.

On why people should vote for him:

John has campaigned from a point of positivity since his selection in January. He prefers to look at how things can be improved rather than giving out about what’s wrong, and this will continue to be his core philosophy. He is happy to work with everyone in the community, whatever their political ideology or interest, to make the Carrigaline LEA an even better place to live. “When you look at Carrigaline now and compare it to when I was a kid the improvements are incredible,” John said last week. “However, I still think there’s lots more we can do and I will work tirelessly on your behalf to do so if elected.”

John would be delighted if people would like to contact him with any issues or concerns ahead of the local elections on June 7th at, on 0868038600 and @johnoreganlabour on Instagram and Facebook.

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