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New Carpark For Carrigaline On Lidl Site

New Carpark For Carrigaline On Lidl Site

Writes Jack White

In what could be a hugely transformative plan for Carrigaline, Cork County Council are working in conjunction with Lidl to develop a new public car park on the current Lidl site, while the retailer will move to the adjoining Circus Field to construct a new, significantly larger store.

The move is being seen as beneficial to both parties as Lidl will get the space they need to expand, whilst Cork County Council will receive a fully completed public car park, funded by Lidl which will cost approximately €800,000.

The plan will see no money changing hands but Cork County Council will dispose of the Circus Field to Lidl, (Land Worth €1,585,000), while Lidl will dispose their current site to Cork County Council (Land worth €1,086,000). The current Lidl site will be handed over to Cork County Council as a fully developed public car park, funded by Lidl, hence a saving or financial benefit to Cork County Council of €300,200.

The disposal of lands by Cork County Council is subject to approval by councillors at their Full Council meeting on June 25th.

Reacting to the news, Cllr Seamus McGrath said, “I received notification of this proposal recently and I have been seeking more information in relation to the nature of the proposed deal. It is Lidl themselves who are proposing to demolish the existing supermarket. I presume they want to build a new one to modern design and specifications and they have obviously weighed up the cost of building a new store versus upgrading the existing one. This proposal will not cost the Council anything.”

Continuing, Cllr Seamus McGrath said, “The land is being exchanged and in addition Lidl will be funding the construction of the public carpark on the footprint of the existing Lidl site as part of the deal. The issue of flooding is a very legitimate concern as the Crosshaven road is prone to flooding.  Equally, the need to address the roundabout and improve the capacity of the junction at this location will be critically important. I am engaging with Officials on these issues at the present time and trying to get as much information as possible. Carrigaline does require a long stay carpark so that spaces on the main street and in the Owenabue carpark can be used for shorter times and therefore be more available. While this new carpark isn’t a Park n Ride as such, it can effectively be used as one because it will be available for long stay parking and we are due to have a bus service running every 15 minutes later this year.

Also reacting to the news was Cllr Aidan Lombard whose Bandon/Kinsale Municipal District meeting initially approved the offer from Lidl. Cllr Aidan Lombard said, “I was delighted that the Bandon/Kinsale district approved an offer from Lidl to Cork County Council for a land exchange of its current site, for 2.7 acres of the circus field.”

Continuing, he said, “This was a swap and no money is changing hands. Cork County Council will receive a fully paved area (at Lidl’s cost) in exchange for a section of the Circus Field. This space can be used for the town’s staff parking as well as public transport users. There is nothing stopping us potentially having farmers’ markets or outdoor concerts in this space. We have put in a condition that Lidl lay out an area behind their new site for a circus/funfair.Lidl will be applying for planning for a new store in the Circus Field in which a review of the roundabout and the flooding will be assessed.

Concluding, Cllr Lombard said, “I think this could be a huge positive for the town, as this area can be used for parking, park and ride, farmers’ markets etc. and the circus is still facilitated within the circus field. This could also be an opportunity to do something with the roundabout to alleviate congestion currently experienced at peak times.

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