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No Saint For Carrigaline

No Saint For Carrigaline Writes Jack White

The Carrigaline St Patrick’s Day Parade is in serious doubt for 2017 as no organising group has yet confirmed an intention to organise the event. Establishing itself as a favourite on the local calendar in recent years, the parade will be sorely missed if it does not go ahead and will land a blow to the local economy. Though overseeing the event successfully for several years, long time organiser Kevin Meaney has not been able to committ to the event this year. Kevin made it known after last year’s parade that he was taking a break and despite some efforts between Kevin and others, nobody has committed to organising the event so far, leaving widespread doubt that the event will proceed. The parade had attracted thousands of spectators in recent years with several hundred participants from a wide variety of local clubs, schools and organisations. Local councillor and Mayor Of Cork County Seamus McGrath has expressed his disappointment at the news that the parade is in doubt, “I’m disappointed to hear that the parade may not go ahead. I’ve attended the parade for several years and it was always a great event for Carrigaline and the wider area. At the same time I realise it took a lot of work from a small group of volunteers, who need to be thanked for their efforts over the years, and that it is a major ask of anyone to organise an event of such scale”. Keep up to date with the story on The Carrigdhoun facebook page @carrigdhoun

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