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Not On Track: Blockage To Park Toilet

The delay continues as Carrigaline awaits project completion on the much anticipated Running Track, while the long-awaited instalment of a community toilet in the park is also behind schedule.

There has been major disappointment over both delays, with many hoping they would have been available for use by the latter end of the Summer.

It was reported at May's meeting of the Carrigaline Municipal District that plans to move the public toilet from the Owenabue carpark to the community park had changed, and that the Council intended to instead use funds to procure a more modern facility that would take its place.

At the time Cllr Seamus McGrath noted that a public toilet was "glaringly missing" from the area, particularly given the considerable footfall by the hugely successful skatepark. Fast forward four and a half months and the park continues to wait for its new arrival. Civil works have already taken place but the process continues to drag on.

Meanwhile at the latest meeting of the Carrigaline MD last week, Council officers could not provide a detailed update on the progress of the Running Track. Covid-19 had created issues around suppliers, but a date of August 1st was set for the grand opening.

Unfortunately almost two months after this proposed date, works have halted and there is currently no indication as to when the necessary materials will be obtained by the council in order for the project to be completed.

So, for a while at least you might have to run elsewhere to use the toilet.

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