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Owenabue Arts Weekend Celebrates Local Artists in ‘The Gallery’ Carrigaline

A number of additional artists joined the Owenabue Arts Collective in ‘The Gallery’ in Carrigaline, for the duration of the Arts Weekend event last weekend. ‘The Gallery’ is a temporary pop-up exhibition space, supported by Cork County Council.

The ‘Owenabue Arts Weekend’ opened to the public in the first exhibition of its kind in Carrigaline. Along with three founding members of the Owenabue Arts Collective; Keith O’Brien, Mary Murphy and Stephen Murphy, five other local artists will have their work on display over the next few weeks.

Pic: Siobhan Russell

Now, on foot of Cork County Council’s highly competitive ‘Call for Artists’, an additional seven artists; Deirdre Cichoz, Gillian Coughlan, Jane McCarthy, Hilary Nunan, Anastasia Stepnova, Dorothée Roberts and Teresa O’Regan, have successfully secured exhibition space at the Gallery for a limited time.

Ian McDonagh, Cork County Council Arts Officer, noted the strong response to the call for artists, saying, “We were delighted with the response to our Call for Artists to exhibit in this space. It is clear from this and the response to The Gallery’s Culture Night event that there is a significant appetite for the Arts in the wider Carrigaline area and Owenabue catchment. The enthusiasm from members of the public and the artists is hugely encouraging, and we hope that this exhibition will help to drive the momentum behind the Arts in Carrigaline and encourage people to appreciate the local artistic talent on their doorstep.”

Chief Executive of Cork County Council, Tim Lucey, commented “The success of The Gallery and the addition of these new artists shows that Cork County Council’s Project ACT is not only about hard physical solutions to boost the social and economic recovery of our towns, but that all aspects of culture and society have a role to play in repairing the negative impacts on our society and economy from Covid-19”.

Mayor of County Cork, Cllr Mary Linehan Foley, added, “Access to Art and Culture are key to well-rounded communities. They are invaluable to our mental health and help to foster inclusivity and creativity in the community. I welcome this exhibition that builds on the great work done so far by the Owenabue Arts Collective, and I look forward to seeing the continued growth of the Arts in Carrigaline”.

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