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Owenabue Educate Together secure a new location

It was announced last night that Owenabue Educate Together school has secured extra accommodation within Heronswood, subject to planning permission.

The school was in turmoil earlier year as a proposed plan by the Department of Education would see the school split in two campus' at opposite sides of Carrigaline village.

A number of concerns had been highlighted by the school, among them the logistical difficulties for parents commuting between the locations if they had multiple children attending the school.

Another concern raised was that classes on the second site would have limited access to essential activities.

It was announced last night that a revised plan had been agreed upon.

Owenabue Educate Together NS

In a statement online, the school said ...

"The outpouring of support, including emails, social media shares, and advocacy on behalf of our school, has played a pivotal role in achieving a positive development in our ongoing dialogue with the Department of Education.

We want to express our sincere appreciation for the crucial role played by our local representatives, including Michael and Séamus McGrath, for direct advocacy with the department and John O Regan, Donnchadh O Laoighaire, Marcia Dalton, Jack White and Simon Coveney, who have been instrumental in championing our cause in a range of ways. Additionally, we extend our gratitude to our Patron, Educate Together, for their support."

The new site will be located only a five minute walk from their current location.

Read more in next weeks paper.

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