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Part Of Douglas Taxi Rank Could Be Freed Up for Parking

Part Of Douglas Taxi Rank Could Be Freed Up for Parking Writes Leo McMahon

‘It’s a dreadful waste of valuable parking that could be put to good use at day time,’ said Cllr Seamus McGrath (FF) at the monthly meeting of Cork County Council’s Carrigaline-Ballincollig Municipal District when suggesting some of the taxi rank on the old Carrigaline Road, Douglas West be released for day time public parking. ‘Obviously the taxi rank serves a very important purpose, at night time in particular, but it takes up very valuable parking spaces at day time on the old Carrigaline Road, when most of it isn’t used to a great extent.’ On a recent Sunday afternoon, continued Cllr McGrath, he saw only two or three taxis parked and around ten other taxi bays vacant and argued there was no need for the entire length of the rank to be in operation during pay parking hours. He suggested signage to deal with this because it was quite clearly space near the village centre that should be utilized by day. Cllr. Eoghan Jeffers (SF) agreed, adding that the rank was fairly long. In reply, MD officer Mr Kevin O’Regan said going through the taxi regulation and changing the by-laws process could have unforeseen consequences so the council was trying to see if other mechanisms could be used. A response was awaited from the National Transport Authority to see it the situation could be progressed through signage, he added. It had been suggested that two taxi spaces outside Bamboo House and Fab Flowers should operate all day permanently plus three more perhaps on the Carrigaline Road, thereby freeing up eight or nine other spaces beyond these during the day. Cllr. Deirdre Forde (FG) pointed out that the parking space outside Eco’s Restaurant is a loading bay during business hours and should be retained. This was agreed. Cllr. Jeffers asked for re-painting of markings outside Eco and Barry’s Bar.

Village junction Stressing that he wasn’t seeking a return of traffic lights, Cllr McGrath said there was need for better signage and markings at the junction near O’Driscoll’s and Barry’s pubs in Douglas East to make clear who has the right of way. He was told there had been traffic incidents there. In reply, Ms Healy said this would be looked at but added she wasn’t aware of any incidents.

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