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Passage West – Carrigaline Route ‘Set in Stone’

Passage West – Carrigaline Route ‘Set in Stone’

Writes Ciaran Dineen

Following the report from Bus Éireann Regional Manager, Martin Walsh at the Municipal District meeting for the Ballincollig – Carrigaline area, it has been confirmed that a bus service will be provided linking Passage West with Carrigaline, with connections to Monkstown and Ringaskiddy.

The new route follows news of changes to the 220 & 220X Bus routes, along with reforms to the 223. In his report Walsh said, “links will be provided from Carrigaline to Passage, Monkstown and Ringaskiddy. This is to facilitate customers, whether it be for work, retail, medical facilities, including the Primary Care Centre (Carrigaline).”

The confirmation of the new route is fantastic news, in particular for the people of Passage West. Since the opening of the Primary Care Centre in Carrigaline last year, residents in Passage West have been forced to make the journey to Carrigaline as a result. Due to the fact that no direct service operates between Passage West and Carrigaline, this proved to be extremely problematic for those dependent on the bus as journeys to Douglas and then a connecting bus to Carrigaline would have to be made.

However, Martin Walsh was not able to give an exact timetable about when the service would begin. When pushed on this matter by Cllr Marcia D’Alton, Walsh responded; “yes the timetable is a bit vague. However, it will certainly be this year and I would be confident that it will be available by September, it is etched in stone that it is happening, just not 100% sure when.” While change is welcomed by Cllr D’Alton she also admitted that the timescale was not good enough, considering the Public Health Centre in Passage would be closed nearly a full year in September. “We need to see clarity, we need to understand the type of decisions the NTA (National Transport Association) are making and it needs to happen faster”, Cllr D’Alton told The Carrigdhoun. Cllr D’Alton, as a result made it clear to Walsh how the resolution needed to be as fast as possible and the Regional Manager did take note of this.

It is important to state that the 223 bus route is a completely different service to the new route being suggested. Martin Walsh also confirmed that “there will be improved connectivity for the 223 bus service”, and that those changes are “a work in progress.” It was put forward by Cllr Michael Frick Murphy, that perhaps at certain times during the day, to avoid serious traffic congestion, that the 223 route should involve using the ‘link road’ rather than going into Douglas village.

Changes to the frequency and potentially to the route of the 223 would be welcomed, following complaints similar to that of the 220 and 220X, with late buses and ‘no-show’ buses being problematic. Cllr Séamus McGrath mentioned that a petition from the people of Passage West that has been signed by 1400 residents, highlighted frustration at the poor quality of the 223 route and this petition was given to Walsh before he left the Council Chamber.


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