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Passage West Celebrates Hardworking County Councillor

Writes Assumpta Lydon, Passage West Creates

The day after Passage West Creates won the County Mayor’s Award, I got a phone call from Cllr. Marcia Dalton who had been talking to our local NeighbourFood lady, Sharon Murphy and they had a wonderful idea about having a street party to celebrate our win!

No better people to come up with a great idea, as Passage West Creates wouldn’t be in the town, only for the same ladies!

The minute I heard the idea I was thrilled; what a fantastic way to include our neighbours, friends, local businesses and the great community in the win. I straight away had an ulterior motive, as for a while now it had been on my mind that the lady behind a lot of work achieved in Passage West is none other than Councillor Marcia Dalton.

Cllr. Marcia D'Alton & her family: Robert, Olan, Thea & Ethel Bateman, alongside Corrine Leland: Artist & Assumpta Lydon, who presented an original piece by Corrine Leland to Marcia D'Alton, for all her work in the community of Passage West, at the Passage West Street Party, 5th May. Photos: Siobhán Russell

At my first real meeting with Marcia about the shop in 2018, I found her up the cherry blossom tree on the centre block, hanging Christmas baubles! And since then if I say I must paint, decorate, clean or collect anything for the shop or for anyone else, she is there with her paint brush, tarps, mop, car or anything else that is needed!!

She is the most hands on councillors I have ever met. She has organised things for the local community, businesses, Tidy Towns, local groups, schools etc and has to attend different meetings for all of these. Yes, it is her job to help people, sort out problems etc., as an elected representative, but her dedication to all is phenomenal. I myself struggled to take calls, text and emails to organise the street party and felt I really could have done with a PA!

On Thursday 5th of May, the community of Passage West and Monkstown got together for her. I commissioned Corrine Leland to make a piece especially with Marcia in mind from her Harbour Driftwood. It really had to be from the sea. We had the Men’s Shed band playing music, we had a few local singers with John Spillane singing a song too, Sharon and NeighbourFood provided nibbles and samples, Lorraine in the post office providing the balloons, Passage Point providing pizza’s and local business and groups helpingout on the day.

Up to the time of me giving a few words, she thought she was up there to present an award, she didn’t realise that she was the recipient!

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