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Pet Of The Week - Clarence

Compiled by Chloe Barrett

Maarit tells us a little bit about Clarence, her newly rescued greyhound.

Clarence happily lives in Ringaskiddy with myself, Ruari and our other rescue greyhound, Thora. Clarence came to our family as a foster (as did Thora the other greyhound) but we are classed as "failed fosterers" and could not resist officially adopting him only recently in May.

Clarence is only a young dog at 2 years of age, and the first thing you notice about him is his stunningly beautiful amber eyes. They captivate everyone, and he shortly wins their hearts over afterwards. Clarence is a big, gentle slob and all he wants to do is to be close to you while doing his two favourite things which he absolutely loves: hugs and cuddles.

Greyhounds have been nicknamed "the 40-mph-couch potato" and Clarence and his rescue greyhound sister, Thora truly live up to that nickname. They are the best of buddies and after a short walk, they love nothing more than to cuddle on the sofa with us.

Clarence adores his food and gets super excited when he hears the rattle of his bowl, even if he is halfway across the house! His daily routine consists of eat, sleep, and repeat! He also has a love/hate relationship with Kevin the cat, who lives next door.

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